We love what we do.

We’ve been around since the summer of 2012, when Maurice Hynds and Cameron Syme joined their creative forces and years of industry experience to fulfill a career-long dream to launch their own design business.

Since that time we’ve grown, won awards and established ourselves as one of the most forward thinking and visually exciting creative agencies around.

Maurice Hynds

Designer / Owner

Cameron Syme

Designer / Owner

Ida Strandberg

Graphic Designer

Scott Sutherland

Digital Director

Justine Ballantyne

Digital Account Manager

We are ‘true designers’ and completely immerse ourselves in every project we take on board.

We pay incredible attention to detail. We take time to put in ‘the little touches’ which make us stand out from the crowd.

This means you do too.






We’re on your side. We’ll really get to know you and work closely with you so you can achieve your business or marketing objectives.

We want you to win.

We’re genuinely decent folk to work with. We’re honest, straight-talking and completely clear on costs.

We want it to be an enjoyable experience working with us.