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Marketing & Promotion

Our tourism campaign for North Ayrshire received its own 5 star rating, with top quality and original resources which created a real buzz all round.

The campaign aim was to encourage both locals and visitors to explore the less well known parts of North Ayrshire, as well as enjoy the traditional tourist attractions. First it needed research, and lots of it. So we dug deep and found loads of hidden gems about the area to get our creative and copywriting juices flowing. We packed the visitor guide full of little surprises, Top 10’s to try and plenty of pics to tempt the tourists in. And the biggest hit across all ages? A ‘fortune teller’ style gizmo with a map and suggestions of where to visit next.

Visitor guide
Fortune teller
Roller banners

The roller banners followed the style of the visitor guide, with brightly coloured headers.


The gizmos took oldies back to the school playground, while keeping the kids amused in the back of the car.


Costley’s Patisserie

Gordon Anderson Plant Portfolio Cover


Kilmarnock Football Club Portfolio Cover

Kilmarnock Football Club

Anything Goes, Loudoun Musical Society

Loudoun Musical Society

Ayrshire Golf Flag Cover Image

Ayrshire Golf

East Ayrshire Leisure

Purelogicol Portfolio Cover




Linstone Housing

Discover North Ayrshire Portfolio Cover

Discover North Ayrshire

Brown Brothers Printers Portfolio Cover

Brown Brothers Printers