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As one of Glasgow’s most exciting nights out, Fore Play’s branding and digital presence are a key step to showcasing their assets… guaranteed pleasure with every visit!

They came to See Saw for looking for something fresh and new – a brand + website that would support their business both at launch and into a successful future.

Fresh, vibrant colourways and typography allows for an unforgettable experience and visual identity – we paired an underground look with striking colours to create the ultimate Neon Retro Funk vibe (our words), appealing to Fore Play regulars and virgins alike.


Get yer baws oot!

With a demographic of young professionals to focus on, we created an online experience that not only portrayed the fun, cheeky personality of Fore Play, but allowed visitors to quickly and easily book a round.

We implemented a simple information architecture paired with a strong, striking website design that would encourage users to interact and engage with various calls to action, ultimately leading to them booking a tee time and completing that all-important conversion.


Gie it Laldy!

Always up for a bit of a fun and ready to play the That’s What She Said card, our team enjoyed creating some innuendo taglines for the project – and yes, we still have a giggle to ourselves any time we get the Slack notification from our Account Managers asking us to ‘Pop up for Fore Play’…



Now a cultural success in Glasgow, Fore Play have opened their second course in Edinburgh and are taking the capital by storm – fully equipped with a site that has developed and grown with their success.

In less than six months, Fore Play’s website processed over 4,000 unique purchases for their crazy golf courses, and with over 92% of traffic to the site being Direct and Organic, it’s clear that their strong brand positioning and identity has been successfully used by the company to develop into a true Scottish success story.